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In Kürze:

THE SYNDICATE - intercultural network for transforming arts

THE SYNDICATE is a non-profit "artist-run-space". Fuctioning on the principle of self organization within an organic team. THE SYNDICATE is a place for creative output, an experimental laboratory for multi- and interdisciplinary projects. We work on independent professional presentation, but often cooperate with other associations, institutons.

Our program includes meetings, conception and realization of art projects and works, workshops, exhibitions, performances, projections, art in public space and more.

Our teamconsists of artists, managers, researchers and tecnicians.


SYN greek, means TOGETHER, often used as SYN-. SYNDICATE see Wikipedia

THE SYNDICATE - intercultural network for transforming arts

is a free community of artists and managers collaborating for a critical view on thematics such as globalization, violence and war, racism, antisocial politics and related topics


the [MoMC] syndicate´s focus tends towards making obvious a very special form of crime. we may say crime to a lot of things that are never seen as that by those who commit them. as we all know, the consciousness of doing right or wrong is something very subjective. actually we think that there are a lot of proceedings not known or reflected as crime in our actual society. as an example we can make a step back in history or simply look at other cultures. for instance if you think about things that were accepted in a broad range in the dark ages, we call those crime or at least put them in a criminalistic point of view today. if we think about how humans or animals or simly nature is being treated in some cultures of the world, we call that criminal or inhuman. there are many treatments in economy as well as in direct cultural connection that are far away from balance. and most of them have their origin in the self-called 1st world. in times of globalization democrazy appears to be a litte pale, if we forget to mention that we are not acting on the highest belief in justice. we know that we do not - although we have become great in turning away ourselves from the real point of departure. we, the syndicate do not see ourselves as judges or however contributing in the process of polarization, we only want to put those things in light, as a museum has to. it is easy to accuse someone of being guilty, no matter, here or there, it needs much more energy to change it. real changes of a subject start with consciousness.

therefore the [museum of modern crime] syndicate works in the field of organisation, production and public performance of art that has its main interest in those affairs or at least focus on related topics